My Current Areas of Interest

Cyber Archietecture Ideas

PIP: Proprietary Intelectual Property requiring a deposit and NDA

  Forensic Accounting system transparent add-on

  Two "work of Art" of "Where It's At" designs; suitable for Tee's and posters.

    One's title is "Psychic Echo", other title is "Location of HERE"

AIP: Avaiable Private Intelectual Property requiring a NDA

  A New Social Paradigm; social three's and six's.

  Private surveillance/witness for legal immunity and record keeping

  Cyber Democracy systems




TUNR Music system for IOS & Mac by my son Andrew.

Daughter Rachael's "Pause" newly pub'd book

Toy6: New Children's 3D Dron Block toy set

Next: Graverse's SOMat.

Zumber theory as 3D numbers: All Prime Numbers and all numbers below 17; the Floor of Infinity.