Graverse Model Figures 5May19

2D Static & Dynamic Aether of 'h' nodes compared.CLICK

3D Static Aether of polar P^3 or 4.236... fm 'h' node columns.CLICK

Static 2D & 3D Aether of Polar magnetic columns of 'h' nodes, compared.CLICK

DRON as a DodecaheDRON: 12 sided, six axes polyhedronCLICK

Hydrogen ION scaled Electric field.CLICK

Atomic scale H^72 DodecaheDRON with middle H^69 DRON.CLICK

Just above the Nuclear scale at the H^3 zone where uncertainty begins, inside of a 'h' Gubble.CLICK

Nuclear scale H^3 DodecaheDRON with a middle Fermion Plane.CLICK

'h' P^3 = 4.23... fm Planck Constant SCALE as absolute bottom of VOLUME CLICK

CM: Composite North Monopole @1.9 MeV from twelve 134 Kev Vection pairs that surround a 255 MeV half-electron.CLICK

CMP: Composite Monopole Pair as two 1.9 MeV [pentagons not to scale].CLICK

CMP: An Axial view of a Composite Monopole Pair @3.8 MeV as two CM'sCLICK

CMQ: An Axial view of a Composite Monopole Quad @7.5 MeVCLICK

Scale'd polar cmq vections and quads.CLICK

Gubble: a non-Polar 'h' element as a bubble inflated by magnetic repulsion of a CMQE.
Note Photon axis transfer alignment facilatation.CLICK

Gubble: a non-Polar 'h' element as a bubble inflated by magnetic repulsion between the two CMQE's.
Note surface has opposite pole of the replusive interior.CLICK

Charge as ELUX column of polar 'h' alternating nodes.CLICK

Column of 3D Aether polar nodes.CLICK

ELUX: A 3D, one axis sequential chain of alternate Aethernodes that connect both ends of an atomic E-field. CLICK

The Vection: A 1+5+1 sided shape as 3D cross section!CLICK

Four 67 Vection monopoles total 268 Kev that form two Vicky's that connect CM's into a CMP. CLICK

Positron's four internal spin states CLICK

The Polar 255 KeV Half-electron as two 67 KeV same pole, CCW rotating vection monopoles with a 121 KeV repulsive mid-zone. CLICK

Magnified view of Lepton pair and their Anchor Neutrinos. CLICK

Aether Polar Axes cross section perspective from above.CLICK

3D Photon representation of a photon of len=6 CLICK

3D Positive Pion with an upward ELUX chain loop.CLICK

3D Neutral Pion with no ELUX chains as spins cancel.CLICK

3D Negative Pion with an downward ELUX chain loop.CLICK

2D Pion Family representation CLICK

SOUTH Fermion Plane: A one fm~ gap between top and bottom CMQ repulsive magnetic fields, where the PROTON Pair revolve in CW way. CLICK

2D Photon representation CLICK

3D Photon representation of two intersecting photons CLICK