TABLE of Model Differences -- Graverse Model's main UNKNOWNs are Black Holes and extra-galactic scales -- May 5, 2019

Neutrino-Theory for examples of the Graverse Model
Topic Std Model Pov or SMpov Static Polar Graverse Model Pov or SPGpov
Pre BigBang Energy Finite as assumed Universe's apparent total material and energies. Infinite as there were no outward limits to its size!
Gravity All Masses & 'G' constant Inertial Masses & MOND scaled 'G'
How Gravity Waves travel Generic Space-Time character Aether Media that the waves travel through
Parity Unknown Inherent in a Polar Aether's Down direction
Space Amorphous and Empty Discrete 'h' Aether layers of Magnetic Repulsion
Volume Scale independent Six axes tessellated discrete P^3 polar 'h' columns
Inertia Unknown cause Angular momenta of Rotating Particle monopole halves
Monopoles Not detected Static Angular Momenta N/S pairing
Aether Historical ambiguity Polar column stacks of alternating FP's
Sub-nuclear scale agents Gluons 3.88 MeV CMP pairs
Higgs Field Energy condenses to mass limit 5SPACE's (24/2)^5 upper limit of Mass in Electron masses
Mass Quarks Exact numeric structure of Particle halves of CMQ based PMF's
Cause of Mass gains in accelerating particles Unknown cause Particle structure accomodates additional kinetic mass
Origin of Charge Unknown cause Angular Momenta of rotating monopole particle halves
Origin of an Electric Field Simple disjoined causes Bare monopole ends of a rotating particle halves
Oigin of SPIN Quantum aspect of Particles Rotating particle halves of Composite Monopoles
Atomic scale Charge Proton aspect Aether ELUX polar chain having opposite bare monopole ends
Charge Neutrality Unknown cause Canceling spins of rotating particles in adjacent FP's
Charge's Sign Anti-matter Flag Rotating direction; CCW-Minus-North or CW-Plus-South
Anti-matter Charge Sign definition 180 degree perspective, Polar Up & Down reversed
Photon E&M Characteristics and lamda A Polar lamda 'h' chain between bare opposite monopole ends
Neutrinos Structure unknown Both Neutrinos and Mass from PMF Structure combinations
Neutrino interaction rarity cause Unknown Confined to a single magnetic Fermion Plane
Solar Neutrino Problem MSW flavor theory Electron Neutrino has addional major roles! [SOMat part II]
Strangeness Quarky rules Adjacent Fermion Plane Pair occupantcy
Quantum Mechanics Below Uncertainty Principle Fermion Plane [FP] interior
Cherenkof Radiation Light speed medium change Aether interaction
Zero Point Energy Quantum effects Aether Noise
Electron SPINing point particle with disjoined aspects Two CCW SPINing Polar monopole halves with four internal orientations
Muon Heavy Electron Two rotating same monopole Dodecahedra of 3PMF; base of all Baryons
Baryon Conserved Quantum Number Half Particle scale; three or more levels is permanent
Meson: all three charge states Zero Spin Eight fourths as two pairs of rotating or anti-rotating Halves
8PMF Pions 4PMF Muon Neutrino in Pion decay violates momenta conservation 2PMF Electron Neutrino in Pion decay obeys momenta conservation

A simple Summary of MASS fundamentals from 5SPACE.

All the stable particles have a common 17.5 MeV Particle Mass Factor or PMF.
eg. Proton has 54 PMF's, a kaon has 28, a Pion has 8 and an Omega has 96 PMF's.

This 17.5 MeV is the same value as two CMQE's in the SoVol model.

Static and Dynamic Aether CLICK

Composite Monopole - North Monopole @1.9 MeV from twelve 134 Kev Vection pairs that surround a 255 MeV half-electron. CLICK

CMP: Composite Monopole Pair as two 1.9 MeV [pentagons not to scale].CLICK

CMQT: An Axial view of a Touching Composite Monopole Quad @7.5 MeVCLICK

Nicky Column of 3D Aether polar nodes.CLICK

3D Static Aether of polar 'h' node columns.CLICK