QUOTES that speak for themselves. ---- Revised July 17 2018

ZERO and its several Conventions

  1. A "Noingthing Literal"
  2. No remainder
  3. Middle of one and minus one
  4. Finished/Done
  5. Start
  6. Bottom | Floor
  7. Amount
  8. Origin
  9. NULL
  10. Empty
  11. Limit
  12. OFF
  13. Binary State
  14. Expire
  15. Missing
  16. Filler

My overall philosophy is close to Gerald L Schroeder's "The Science of GOD" ISBN 0-7679-0303-X.

Can NOISE ever "not-EXIST"; can TIME ever BE stilled,everywhere at once?

Most of us overlap our Hunger(s) and Time sense, with the confusion(s) of the day.

If you can not Trust an Inventor, who then, can you ever hope to trust?

Wealth must be future endowing; else risk loss due to errors|heirs of greed and vanity.

The Female body is superior, because the 'X' chromosome is the main Body plan for both sexes,
while the male 'Y' was the errata for ongoing Sexual evolution.

Real Tits wiggle, not flop. [Marty suggests Breasticles for the politically insensitive. ]

Is enough ever ENUF?

Not being familiar with RPN, makes understanding computer calculation flow difficult.


Is Trust Possible in today's cyber world; I believe my *DSA can provide the solutions.

Test your sense of proportion for the local volume scales of Your sense of volume.


What does a standard cubic centimeter (cc) have in common
with the Planet Mercury's orbital volume
and the volume at the nuclear Scale or Proton?

Recall that there are over 70,000 Sun sized volumes within Mercury's orbital volume, and a cc is a sugar cube!

Ans: The standard cc is the half way marker between them;
Each is equally distant in scale ; one's up; one's down.

So at our scale, a cubic mile is as accurate as a cubic inch!

Short BIO Time Line

I was born in Dubuque Iowa on the same day the Pentagon opened in DC and "Ayn Rand's Fountainhead" was published @1943!

Mostly unsupervised but very althletic in my youth, usually led by my "always on" sense of "Ordered Curiosity".

'54-'59 My Paper Boy routes in Rockford IL along with my Catholic school Altar Boy duties while strains of "Open the Door, Richard" played in a background of my Sweet tooth economy @ 1519.

Raised Roman Catholic but departed when I graduated University of Illinois with a BS in Physics; magma cum obscuritas @1965.

'66 First few Computer Software JOB(s) and a Marriage of 13 years, with two great children. @79

'69 TPUT: An automated real time message generator for Western Union's First computer switching system that began the current cyber netted era @545.

'76 Relocate to Syracuse NY area as an Independent Contractor and 2nd fatherhood @3178.

'84 My Art of HEro begins, along fellow traveler COTU's timely path, for us @0586.

'86 0th generation PC Bridge game app and second and last Marriage @26.

'87-89 as my VBC artistic epoch with a Halloween87 wake-up adventure quest into the year of the PAIR(s) @3178.

'90 Saw Yero expand and condense hys VBC insights as ammo of paper arrows into quivers of intent.@0724

'91 to 98 as my own crossing of the wilderness to my Monopole public-foundary era in OP, IL @1051.

'99 to 2011: Mr.computer "PC repair tech-wiz biz" epoch, in my Mee-mixed-up Life @126.

2012 ever continuing GUM and "NeoClassical Physics" model development @0478.

20155 Anounce draft of "The Structure Of Space.htm" as a replacement for the obsolete monopoles.htm.

20164 Twitter blog of "Marty Say(s)" marks Iconage path to Mars first, then inward to survey Mercury.

20172 Pub'd SOVol.htm as Structure of space as Volume.

20179 Generating "Neutrino Theory" paper for intro to Graverse/SOVOL model.

20181 Pub'd "Neutrino-Theory" as a Standard Model introduction to my Graverse Model.

20194 SoMat 6 axes decay and preliminary Zumber-Theory.

See my specification for a "NEW multi-Computer Distributed Kernel SECURITY Architecture or '*DSA' " ;
based on
Posopip: a 3CPU template that inherently guarantees Trust & Fidelity.