"1way 2mars 4six" takes place over four Mars launch Windows ('W'). [rev May 2016]

Being one way with unmanned resupply missions, allows for a feasible present day manned mission
to Mars for two crews of three.

Each Mission would have a lander tailored for their crew of three.

The Landers would be pre-landing deposited and auto mobile to rendezvous when the mission lands later.

Six rocket assembly pairs, built over a 4 to 6 yr schedule.

**** All mars reaching rockets, had a onward probe mission in their mars orbit separation builds.

-------first pair for validation and stress tests.

W1 ------second pair --------test entry and re con of manned-mission sites as first Mission.
------- each drop site gets a vechicle & supply depot.

W2 ----third pair
------one crew of three to mars for "water/oxygen @pole" mission(s)
------one crew of three to mars "geology and habitat" mission(s)

W3 ----fourth pair
1st resupply ; larger launch windows possible for cargo only.
Extra cargos might be based on comm feedback.

W4 ----fifth pair
2nd resupply or spare mission

-------last pair spare parts and accumulated extra unfinished fabrications ; low cost

Mission's Public Broadcast rights pay for most factory costs.

Mission costs were tbd.

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H2M "Heat to Momenta" or Impulse Power!

And my "Heat to Momenta" ideas might help shorten the journey ,
but they would be very engineering intensive and explosively complex.

Unlike a modern Jet engine cycling in a thousand degree air environment;
the H2M engine would cycle a solid metallic catalyst around its melting phase at 1000C.

The H2M engine cycle was a loop of "Input unit volume of melted liquid alloy, inject the catalyst liquid gas,
then flow the mixture to a cold gate where the gas erupts/explodes as it cools.".

This cycle of "heat, inject, cool , bang", times the geometrical force of the hammer(s);
is an ideal motive Force Engine source!

For example, imagine shooting thousand degree Nitrogen infused liguid Copper bullets,
upward at a very Cold Ceiling.

The liquid metal freezes/solidifies upon contact, causing the liquid gas to detonate explosively,
as each bullet disintegrates.

The solid debris rebound away to the recycle designed stern/Floor, while the ceiling is thrust bow upward !

Outer space was an almost immediate infinite heat sink;
the ideal place to run an H2M cycle!

True Impulse Power for most environments!


author: RD O'Meara Oak Park, IL.

Email of Author: 'RDo.meara@mister-computer.net'

This WEB page address: "http://mister-computer.net/1way4six.htm"

Primes3D: A Construction Proof of Prime Numbers having a cubic Nature.

JID's SLOPE: The Universal Slope of Volume,
both Mathematically and Physically   AKA, the Rydberg constant of 1.0973~!

Short proof of Fermat's FLT: A proof based on power sequences infinite transcendental Logs.

Monopole Aether Theory: A Classical model of the Aether based on paired monopoles.


My Real interests are in computer science.
I have spent my career as a cybernetic engineer/designer
who is concerned about the future of our digital data.

Our entire cyber infrastructure lacks "Data Sanity";
especially in the areas of forgery and security, for data and their time stamps.

In that vein, I am seeking venture capital for my NEW multi-Computer
Distributed Kernel SECURITY Architecture or 'DSA' ; based on
Posopip: a 3CPU template that inherently guarantees Trust & Fidelity.