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JIDSLOPE: The Curvature of Space


Nature's mathematical constants form a straight line
whose slope is the same as a major Physical constant.
This 1.097 slope is the Rydberg constant that measures quanta of energy.

And with a three dimensional perspective, the slope of a universal spiral emerges.
Momenta Frame overlap prediction is possible, given this new property from Nature's Constants!

The Five points are: (-1,-5/4), (pi/2,pi/2), (P^2,e), (3,pi) and (4,P^3) ; QED


Atomic spectra studies were the keys to understanding energy quanta and electron orbital interactions.

All of modern physics, including Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology, came from these fundamental measurements.

The Rydberg constant was the Key to linking these discoveries to QM in general and electron orbits in particular.

This 1.0973~ constant value represents the Prime "Volume and Energy" relationship of All Physics.

The Rydberg constant is the observed slope of space/volume.

Rydberg Constant

The FIVE Cardinal Points

Consider these five 'Y' values in ascending order: -5/4, pi/2, e, pi, P^3 .

The point -5/4 establishes both a local minus and the numbers five, four and 'i'.

Think of pi/2 as the reference X=Y or null/zero point

e and pi   The most basic of all Constants!

P^3   a 3D volume cross section; 4 = P^3 - P^-3 , a literal 4.236... [ P^3 = 2 + sqrt5 as the most exact number in both two and three dimensions] .

These points are all fundamental ones!

Now add these 'X' coordinate values to generate the five Cardinal points.

  (i^2,-5/4), (pi/2,pi/2), (P^2,e), (3,pi), (4,P^3)

Curve fitting these five points results in the following linear equation:

Y = (1.09733 * X ) - 0.15276 ; a straight line with a correlation of 0.99999974

Additional points near this curve

As compelling as the above five points are, the curve is near four others of significance.

The two most interesting are (-9,-10), and (12,13)
representing a separation between X and Y of UNIT significance.

There are two near integer points at (5,16/3) and (8,69/8); notice the "3, 5, 8" order.


Having pure mathematical constants generate a linear curve with a slope that matches exactly with a physical constant of Nature;
one that can be measured or derived in different ways, seems significant, very significant!

The function "Y = 1.09733 * X - 0.15276" relates Nature's most basic constants [P^3 & pi]
to the energy/volume nature of Spacetime.

To see how this shapes spatial volume, refer to my latest work
"The Structure of Space as Volume"


Could this be the Native three-dimensional logarithmic spiral?
And the basis of the physical slope of local spacetime; as seen in the Rydberg constant.


Since EVERY Frame, shares these common five points with a local Origin of (3,pi), an Inter-Frame commonality exists.

Can Relativity be as simple as, all the Frames of our 3D Momenta universe,
sharing their Relative interiors by having a common local frame,
based on this absolute Jidslope sequence "-5/4, pi/2, 'e', pi, P^3", between Unit fit-points at -10 & 13!

This common a priori Frame then becomes Absolute in nature.

Because this Absolute Frame is present in every physical dynamic situation,
it makes their collision mechanics amendable to mathematical analyses; hence predictable.


Factoring in a third Dimension allows Jidslope's non-exactness in two dimensions,
to be seen as exact when using the 3D log spiral perspective for Volume.


Appendix 1 : Jidslope Point Table

Y' -10 16/3 69/8 13 near
Y -5/4  pi/2  e  pi  P^3 exact
X  -9  -1  pi/2  P^2  3  4  5  8  12

Appendix 2: Volume and Scale

Let a cubic centimeter [or cc = cm^3] be the standard volume unit.
On our human scale, this small sugar cube sized item seems small and ordinary.

What does Mercury's orbital volume of 8e23 cubic KM
and the nuclear volume have in common?

Both are equally distant from a standard cubic centimeter.
Imagine a cc as the mid-zone between Nuclear and Planetary Orbit scales.
This means the volume of Mercury's orbit is as distant as the volume of a nucleus
when using a 'cc' reference volume.

Compare it at whatever precision imaginable.

Pause for a moment to consider how a planetary orbital volume makes any human scale volume
seem insignificant; whether its a cc or a cubic mile.

Can any basis of linearity be possible or even imaginable over these vast scale ranges?
Surely VOLUME at the Nuclear scale would be a thing onto itself.
Normal spatial concepts of our macro scale would seem not apply over such a scale distance.

Users of Nano technology are familiar with non-linear scale effects
that redefine our common macro sense of volume.
for example, static electricity dominates for most surfaces and materials.


author: RD O'Meara Oak Park, IL. 60302

This WEB page address: "http://mister-computer.net/5space/jidslope.htm"

Email of Author: 'RDo.meara@mister-computer.net'

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Rydberg Constant

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