Graverse and Standard Model Differences.

5SPACE: Stable Particle Mass nodes from Higgs at (24/2)^5 down to Electron at (2/2)^5.

Neutrino-Theory from the Graverse Model.

Graverse I, SoVOL: Structure of Space as Volume.

Graverse Model 1 Figures.

SoMAT preview: Omega six axes decay example

Construction Proof of Prime Numbers being three-dimensional in Nature and Source of Volume!

Geometrical Proof that shows Prime Numbers being a three-dimensional graph and the Source of Volume!

JIDSLOPE: The Slope of Nature's 3D Logrithmic Spiral as Rydberg constant.

My Mathematical CYBER analysis as a Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem [a contrary proof]

My "ONEWAY to MARS for SIX", with later resupply missions: Outline [ 1WAY2MARS4SIX ]

A New Operating-Machine-Enviroment or OME, as a Distributed Security Architecture.

Quotes and short BIO

Zumbers and ZERO Convenrions

My current interests.

My PGP Key

Shape of 1st 1300 billion Prime sums

The Mathematical Origin of Space